EuroCham is hosting Hans Vriens once again, as we take a look at the political and economic outlook for Southeast Asia, and the internal and external forces at play in shaping the region.

Hans will share his views on the impact on Southeast Asia of the invasion of Ukraine. Who stands to benefit from the supply diversification out of China? Is this Southeast Asia's moment? If yes, which countries are the likely winners and losers? How are the energy transitions unfolding around Southeasts Asia? What are the main bottlenecks? Is it a lack of capital or a policy framework? What can the industry do? What is the likely impact of the new government in Malaysia, and the upcoming elections in Thailand and Indonesia?

Hans Vriens is the founder and managing partner of Vriens & Partners the leading government affairs and public policy firm with eight offices around Southeast Asia and an office in Washington, DC



Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners


Executive Director of EuroCham Cambodia

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